Global Spring is the umbrella we use for initiatives that support vulnerable children or young adults in developing regions with scholarships or educational/vocational programs. The profit generated by projects under the Global Spring umbrella will either directly support a local program or foundation or be donated to the Global Spring Asia Fund, which supports the Terre des Hommes GOOD project in India (for more information see the latest update of this project). This video shows the importance of this project.


Our projects

The Battle of the Dutch Masters
We have developed a serious boardgame, inspired by Dutch Golden Age paintings, that enables self- discovery learning about teamskills and leadership skills. Profits will be donated to the GOOD project. The game is released in February 2019.

The Pengaruh project
Back in 2013, we started to make several orientation trips to West Java, focusing on the city of Bandung, an important creative centre in Indonesia and home to the prestigious ITB. Based on our conversations with local experts, we explored several opportunities and finally initiated a boardgame project in cooperation with a Bandung based game studio, Kummara. In 2014 The Pengaruh Game was a fact and we began to test the game in cooperation with universities and business schools. As of 2015, The Pengaruh Game has been used in several programs in higher education in The Netherlands and the UK. Profits have been used to support Jakarta youth with a scholarship that enabled them to finalize their vocational training.

Turning boardgames into serious games
A limited number of consumer boardgames can be used for educational purposes when put in the right context and followed up properly. In particular some of today's cooperative games are suitable for this. We sometimes organize events with small groups of students who like to increase their awareness about their communication skills or leadership skills.